Re: Employment Interview Questions

Subject: Re: Employment Interview Questions
From: Marie Clear <Mclear3000 -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 17:39:21 EST

In a message dated 98-02-15 14:25:58 EST, you write:
> I feel I can present myself well in an interview, but I'm bothered by one
> question: Why are you wanting to leave your present job? I've been at my
> present job for only a year. . . .

I always ask this question when I'm interviewing and you would be surprised
how many people complain on and on about their last position. Believe it or
not, I'm simply asking to see how gracefully someone can answer the question.
I don't want to hire someone who is chronically negative or who is a constant
complainer, and this is a great question to use to check that out.

> I'm also interested in any advice anyone can give me about how much
> my manager is allowed to give a new employer.

I'm no legal expert, but your former manager is going way out on a limb if he
or she says *anything* to a prospective employer. If someone calls for a
reference, I simply explain our policy doesn't allow me to discuss the
employee, but that I would be happy to put them in touch with our HR
department. From what I understand, they can technically only verify that you
did, in fact, work there, and list your start date and your end date (though
in practice, many managers and HR depts. don't abide by these rules). Have a
business friend call posing as a prospective employer and question your
manager as though they were considering you for a position. You'll find out
really quick if your manager is messing with you.

Good luck,

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