Re: Non-ugly, non-proportional font

Subject: Re: Non-ugly, non-proportional font
From: "Linda K. Sherman" <linsherm -at- CONCENTRIC -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 16:07:20 -0500

Kathy Ellis wrote:
> A programmer I work with just asked me if I know of a non-ugly,
> non-proportional font that is standard to Windows.( He wants to
> avoid using Courier because it's killing his eyes. ) Anyone know
> of anything really slick?

I doubt that simply switching to another monospaced font is going to
cure his eye problems. But he can try Kino MT (don't ask me where I got
it, but it's on my system). I've seen some stuff running around called
"Elite" and "Pica" also. All of these are going to look like Courier,
unfortunately, and possibly not as good.

Is there some reason why he's married to using a nonproportional font?
Perhaps there are valid reasons--for example, some languages, like COBOL
and RPG, are column-sensitive--but if he's doing ordinary old C(++) or
Pascal programming on Windows using any of the standard off-the-shelf
development systems, he ought to be able to use a proportional font as
long as the editor will allow it. The problem for a lot of C and Pascal
programmers is that they're so used to looking at source code in
"typewriter" font that anything else looks odd to them at first and
takes some getting used to. But proportional fonts make C or Pascal
source code (like most everything else) a lot easier to read.

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