Re: Non-ugly, non-proportional font

Subject: Re: Non-ugly, non-proportional font
From: Michael Lewis <lewism -at- BRANDLE -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:58:19 +1100

Depends what you want to use it for. For paper, the best monospacing
fonts I know are Bitstream's Letter Gothic and Bigelow & Holmes's Lucida
Sans Typewriter. (Lucida fonts are available in one of Microstuff's
TrueType Font Packs.) These are clear and highly legible -- some other
fonts, such as Courier, are too light and thin. For screen use, take up
Beth Mazur's suggestion of from the Microstuff web site.

These are certainly suitable if you're looking for something to use in
replications of screen dialogs in a DOS or Unix environment.

If you're looking for a font for code extracts, what Linda Sherman says
is true -- up to a point. Proportional fonts are in principle easier to
read. However, when I'm writing code, I prefer to use a monospacing
font. This could be a legacy of how and when I first wrote programs, too
long ago to bear talking about, but it's true that a lot of programmers
are still in that groove. You can try to train them out of it, by
ignoring their current preference, or you can be reader-sensitive and
give them what they want.

BTW, Monotype's Kino MT (mentioned by Linda) is not a monospace font. I
suspect that Linda's system has a document that "thinks" it uses Kino
MT, and the font substitution table is swapping it for something quite

Kathy Ellis wrote:
> A programmer I work with just asked me if I know of a non-ugly,
> non-proportional font that is standard to Windows.( He wants to
> avoid using Courier because it's killing his eyes. ) Anyone know
> of anything really slick?
> Please send email to my office address, since I'm on digest.
> Thanks to all!
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> Kathy Ellis kathy -at- tibinc -dot- com
> Tiburon, Inc. (510)447-4005 ext. 5521
> 7415 Southfront Rd.
> Livermore, CA 94550
> "Life is not a's an actual emergency."
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