QUESTION: HTMLHelp and Intranets

Subject: QUESTION: HTMLHelp and Intranets
From: Manon Kleijn <Manon -dot- Kleijn -at- VISION -dot- NL>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:43:59 +0100


After benefiting from all the information on this list for over a year,
I'd like to seek your advice on the following:

Our department is considering whether to use HTMLHelp to author
documents that are published on our company's Intranet. These documents
vary from style guides to internal manuals and company rules and
procedures. The documents feature simple graphics; we're not planning to
use elaborate multimedia components.

At the moment, we're using Frontpage to create HTML pages for this
purpose, but as the amount of documents is quickly expanding, we're
looking for possibilities to create indexes and to enable cross-document
searching for keywords.

I've done some research into HTMLHelp, I've read the Microsoft website
and searched the techwr-l archives, I have worked with an evaluation
copy of RoboHTML and with Microsoft's HTMLHelp. So far, this method
looks promising to me.

However, as this is a rather new technology, we're a bit hesitant to
'take the leap' just like that. I'd like to make a balanced decision,
before asking management to back it. Therefore, I'd be really grateful
if some of you could help me by answering (some of) the following

Does anybody have experience in using HTMLHelp for Intranet purposes?
If so, did your end users like it?
Was it easy for them to get used to the interface?
How do they use it (Do they carry out cross-document searches? Do they
prefer to print pages and read them from paper, or do they read them

Does anybody have experience with RoboHTML?
If so, do you find it easy to use? What problems did you encounter?
Is it easy to import Word documents into RoboHTML?

What exactly is the added value of using HTMLHelp instead of plain
vanilla HTML, from both the end user's and the author's perspective?

Please reply to me privately as I am on digest mode; I'll summarize for
the list if anyone's interested.



Manon Kleijn-Quality Assurance & Documentation
Vision Software & Services BV-The Netherlands
manon -dot- kleijn -at- ?vision -dot- nl
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