Re: Frame 4 book PDF help needed please

Subject: Re: Frame 4 book PDF help needed please
From: David Hirschler <DGHirschler -at- AUTOMATEDLOGIC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 09:24:55 -0500

Your Frame files may be saved in View-only format. Try unlocking them (in
Windows) by pressing Esc F l (lowercase) k . On the Mac try

When you print the book file, don't use PDF writer. Instead, print to a
Postscript printer that has been routed to a file, and then distill the
file into a PDF. Or, you could use Acrobat Exchange to stitch the PDF
files together into one PDF file.

-- David Hirschler

>Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 10:54:54 GMT
>From: John Cornellier <john -dot- cornellier -at- CARDS -dot- DELARUE -dot- COM>
>Subject: Frame 4 book PDF help needed please
>Greetings from Paris,
>I have a 1000-page Frame 4 document consisting of 5 books, each containing
>10 files.
>Still with me? Good. I have the doc on a CD (so read only). Also each file
>different print configuations (numbers of copies, thumbnails, etc.)
>We only have Frame licenses for the TWs, so the CD is not readable by
>else. Someone wants the entire doc printed, but I prefer to transform it
into a
>more popular format (PDF) and then let them print the bits they need as
>Some of the doc's fonts are not on my system. I copied the files onto my
HD so I
>can reformat and save them, but when I Ctrl+S, Frame says "cannot open
>for writing". The files are not read-only, so why is this?
>To get around this I do a File \ Save As (why is there no kbd shortcut for
>this?) for each file into another directory. But then the book file
>defunct (I must re-add the files with their new paths or regenerate the
>I want to output each book as one big PDF file, but when I print from the
>the PDF writer produces lots of individual PDF files. These are not very
>because they are not named in any coherent manner - the only way to know
in what
>order they go is to look in the book file.

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