Re: Print Shops that Accept FTP Files

Subject: Re: Print Shops that Accept FTP Files
From: Vanessa Wilburn <vlwilbur -at- CPU -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 09:59:26 -0600

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone that sent their recommendations on print shops. This
really helps my search. I will start making my calls/emails soon.

Here is the summary of those printers that accept FTP files. Since I will
be out of the office for the next few days, I decided to go ahead and
summarize now. I hope that I don't miss any late emails.

From: Becky Roberts <jrobeck -at- ldl -dot- net>
We print jobs all over the world for presentations, etc.
using XEROX and they are able to accept FTP files. I work
with a local XEROX rep who gets in contact with the
XEROX office in the area that I need to print.
My local rep facilitates the job order and since it's
all through XEROX, the Finance Department is happy
because XEROX is on our company list of
approved vendors. This saves me from having to find
a vendor and get them set up for billing jobs to us,
etc. Also, all of the XEROX shops that I have used
thus far are ISO 9000 certified, use DocuTech printers,
and if they can't deliver the job within the specified
time frame, they tell me up front.
From Beth Friedman bjf -at- wavefront -dot- com
I just completed a project with a local (Minneapolis) printer,
Intranet Solutions, who printed my job on a DocuTech.
I have no idea what their color resources are, if you
need that, but I was very happy with them.

They have an FTP upload site on the Web, and when it
turned out that I couldn't use that (IE3.0 doesn't
support it), they were happy to deal with a zipped file
sent via e-mail. And, they cut $40 off the setup
charges when I sent them a PostScript file instead of
the Word file.

I dealt with Tom Towle. His phone number is
(612) 903-2109, his pager is (612) 538-4250.
From: Laura L Lapierre <lapierre -at- mediaone -dot- net>
I use a company called DMI in Woburn, MA that
does accept FTP files and does respond to e-mail.
The files I send are postscript (or zips containing
the ps files). And they are timely - of course,
they are also in MA.

215 Salem St
Woburn, MA 01801
P: (617) 935-7224
F: (617) 938-7648

Mike Jenoski - mjenoski -at- dupman -dot- com
Carl Beatrice - cbeatrice -at- dupman -dot- com
From: Cam Whetstone <camw -at- rocketmail -dot- com>
Check out They advertise
on-line printing, and I have used them for
business cards (good job).
From: "David Hirschler" <DGHirschler -at- automatedlogic -dot- com>
We use N&R Printing, located in College Park, GA,
just south of Atlanta. They have about 9 docutechs
and they also do offset printing. I have used
them for the past 2 years and have been extremely pleased.

Their FTP server is at User ID
is anonymous and the password is your e-mail address.
They like you to fax an order sheet in
first. Contact Fred Vero at fvero -at- nrepub -dot- com -dot-
Their web address is
Phone: 404-765-0162, FAX 404-765-0190.
From: Keith_Arnett -at- reston -dot- omd -dot- sterling -dot- com
They are a very large regional printer in Baltimore,
MD and Washington DC. We use them extensively and
have no complaints. I don't believe they charge
for FTP transfers.
From: JF Smith <jfs59 -at- gs -dot- net>
1) ZBR Printing, Elaine Havercamp (guessed spelling,
and not sure she's still there.)
1-508-469-7500 (area code may have changed to 978)
a little north of boston.

A client of mine, Database Publishing Software, has
used them. No particular endorsement; one contact
at the client thought ZBR's prices were
a little high, but I don't have any details.
From: Kathleen Moore <kkm -at- msi -dot- com>
Our printer, Trade Service, accepts FTP files. They
have always done a timely and professional job with
our many manuals and they do great proofing. Our
printing rep is Valerie Harwell,
valerie -at- tradesvc -dot- attmail -dot- com -dot-
From: Chris Johnson <cjohnson -at- jpsgraphics -dot- com>
My name is Chris Johnson with Johnson Printing Service in Dallas.
We accept files via FTP with no extra charge. We specialize in
multi-page documents (both DocuTech and "Direct-to-Plate")
and are very experienced in handling FTP files. Please
visit our web site at
for more information. Or you can call or
e-mail for more information or questions. (800) 272-7742

Vanessa Wilburn vanessa -dot- wilburn -at- cpu -dot- com
Computerized Processes Unlimited, Inc.
Metairie, Louisiana USA 504.889.2784

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