SUMMARY: Needed or not needed----FrameMaker maintenance and tech. support

Subject: SUMMARY: Needed or not needed----FrameMaker maintenance and tech. support
From: James Bauman <James -dot- Bauman -at- SAFETY-KLEEN -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:21:57 -0500

From: James Bauman on 02/20/98 02:21 PM

Subject: SUMMARY: Needed or not needed----FrameMaker maintenance and tech.

* * * * The following question was posted on 02/18/98:

Our department is planning on buying copies of FrameMaker 5.5 soon.
Two related items connected with the purchase have come up
recently. A catalog firm that sells the software at a good price
mentioned these options:

FrameMaker Win Maintenance-----includes all product upgrades
for one year-----$149.00 per copy.
CF Technical Support------includes toll free technical support
for one contact, one product per year-----$149.00 per copy.

Has anyone purchased these options? Are they worth the cost?
Whether you have or have not purchased them, what have you heard or
experienced as to their usefulness?

* * * * The following responses were received:

RESPONSE # 1 ----------

Recently bought 5.5 from HighSoft.

I included the ADOBE support to cover upgrades (I
expect a V6 within the 12 months from 5.5's date
of purchase).

I did NOT buy the HighSoft support (despite being
satisfied with HighSoft on all accounts).

BUT, you are asking the wrong list ... check on the
FrameMaker list -- you can subscribe from the
as it happens, HighSoft has at least one person
monitoring/participating in the list; some Adobe
people also lurk and occasionally offer advice.

RESPONSE # 2 ----------

I've never heard of these options. I've gotten all the FrameMaker
help I need from
(definitely join the Framers email forum or get the digest).
Emails to Frame (Adobe) customer support have
been answered quickly. I've gotten all minor upgrades (for
example, 5.5.1, 5.5.2) at no charge from Adobe.
(A trick, when you crash -- and you will sooner or later -- send
the crash file to Adobe! That automatically gets
you early shipment of updates when they are available.) Major
upgrades always cost some $$, and you'll get info
on them well before their release. I really don't see the benefit
of the options you mentioned, and I would not purchase them.

A big THANK YOU to the two writers who responded! Have a good weekend

Jim Bauman
IS -- Technical Publications
Safety-Kleen Corp.
Elgin, IL
1.800.669.5740 Ext. 2714

mailto:jbauman -at- safety-kleen -dot- com

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