Re: Word Autonumbering

Subject: Re: Word Autonumbering
From: Walter Hanig <wdh -at- NETMANAGE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 07:27:10 -0800

At 12:54 PM 2/21/98 -0500, Tim Altom wrote:
>Got a couple of excellent responses to my question about suppressing Word's
>autnumbering kludge. We have to suppress it because if you interrupt the
>sequence of paragraphs with graphics, the numbering sequence breaks or
>becomes unreliable.
>Win Day had an even more intriguing idea, using SEQ fields. That may not
>work for us, with as many fields as we'd have to insert with some two
>hundred graphics, but I don't see why it wouldn't function.

I didn't see Win's post, but I use SEQ fields, with a few twists, to solve this.

First I create two autotext entries. One, named step1, is something like {seq stepno /r 1}.
I use this to assign the step number 1 to a paragraph. The second autotext, named stepn, is something like {seq stepno}. This just increments the previous value of the sequence named stepno.

Next create a menu item or keyboard shortcut or toolbar button to insert each autotext.

Finally, create a style for the numbered text.


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