Re: HTML Programming vs. PDF

Subject: Re: HTML Programming vs. PDF
From: Scott Gray <scotty -at- CM -dot- MATH -dot- UIUC -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 23:54:30 -0600

> I see that as a drawback, actually. Explorer doesn't read JavaScript, but
> JScript. But Netscape doesn't honor JScript...Java applets require
> download...

Actually if if stay away from JavaScript 1.2 then both Netscape and MSIE
work with JavaScript.

too many options, too many opportunities for the unknown to
> intrude. It's fine if it's a website that you're experimenting with, but
> users on real systems have jobs to do and don't appreciate having files
> that don't read or perform properly. At least PDF is fairly bullet-proof,
> and WinHelp is just about invulnerable. Flexibility often brings risk with
> it. I'm never comfortable with risk when I deliver something for the
> client's customer base, something that can reflect well or badly on my
> client.

Oh yes, Im sure they would they would rather go about reading page
after page of written documentation rather than having a dredfully
rich and interactive lesson where they actually LEARN something.

> Further, creating system support HTML with lots of scripts and applets
> isn't my idea of efficient production, especially if you're creating both
> print and online. Too much skill needed and too much testing required to
> get it all right. It takes time, and most clients aren't in the mood to
> write bigger checks at the back end of big, expensive projects.

We all know that efficiency of production is much more important than
the users efficency in understanding and learning don't we?


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