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Subject: Frame to PDF to HTML
From: "Dana B. Mackonis" <writer -at- JLC -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 01:02:43 -0500

I just love working for start-up companies! Ever engineer thinks he is a
writer and knows better than the other team members...

I am working on an Operator's manual for some pieces of manufacturing
equipment using the old-fashioned DOD type of numbering system, ad nauseam.... But that's fine, that is how they want the docs
and they are the customer.

Today I met with the new Doc Manager and he says he wants all the
files converted into PDF so the customers can download them. Cool.

Then I talk to one of the software engineers, (he is the one who designed
the system and told me today he has written many software manuals...)
He wants all the docs in HTML so they can be converted to an on-line
help system that he runs through Internet Explorer using something else.

Then he proceeds to tell me that he doesn't understand why I need to take
the time to design my manual in a format that would accommodate this,
since you just have to run it through a filter - Frame takes care of this.
By the way, aren't I experienced with frame.... and oh yes, the HTML is
supposed to use Frames and Java script...

This is also the same client that asked me to write my manuals using the
SEMAtech standards... something that does not seem to exist in this Oz.
Nor can they provide me with any standards, but I should be able to find it

So I took my headache home, threw my briefcase on the kitchen floor,
had some chocolate, and here I am.

Is there anyone on the list that has had to do this - not get the headache
or deal with a client that wants it all - but taking a manual written in the
unexciting DOD format and convert to both PDF and HTML format
that can pass along some words of wisdom.

This may all look so much better in the morning than it does right now...

Thanks in advance - this has been a great list for support and tech advise.

dana b mackonis '-.-' writer -at- jlc -dot- net
Write Now, Inc.
Publishing and Internet Technology

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