Online Security Questionnaire

Subject: Online Security Questionnaire
From: Eric Gerlitz <eric -dot- gerlitz -at- MANKATO -dot- MSUS -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 23:28:35 -0600

Greetings all. I am currently working on a pilot study in perceptions of
online (Internet) security and am surveying technical communicators to
assess which topics should be covered. I would greatly appreciate your
feedback by completing the survey below and returning it to:
eric -dot- gerlitz -at- mankato -dot- msus -dot- edu -dot- It doesn't matter what level you feel your
computer and/or Internet skills are - everyone is invited to participate.

Thank you for your time! I appreciate it.

- Eric Gerlitz

Perceptions of Online Security Survey

This questionnaire will be used to assess technical writer's perceptions of
online security on the Internet. This questionnaire is not a test of your
computer knowledge, but an assessment of which online security concerns
should be addressed in the technical communications community - you will be
assisting me in focusing the topics for discussion in a pilot study.
Please follow the directions for each question. Please feel free to
provide any additional comments on any of the questions. Thank you.

(please e-mail this completed survey to eric -dot- gerlitz -at- mankato -dot- msus -dot- edu)

**NOTE: The results of this survey are kept strictly confidential and used
only to assess the perceptions of online security. This survey is
voluntary and you may chose to withdraw your participation at any time.**

CHOOSE ONE which best describes you:

_____ Professional in technical writing field
_____ Professional in another field,
Please specify what field: ___________________________________________
_____ Teacher/Professor
_____ Student
_____ Other,
Please specify: ____________________________________________________

For each question, select ONE answer:

1). How often do you use the internet?
_____ Frequently
_____ Occasionally
_____ Rarely
_____ I've only used the Internet a few times
_____ I've never used the Internet

2). How safe do you feel the Internet is? Please rate on a scale from 1-5:
(1 being not safe at ALL and 5 being completely safe)

1 2 3 4 5

3). What is your most used source of information about online security issues?
_____ The media - newspapers, magazines, radio, T.V., the web, etc.
_____ Word of mouth (friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.)
_____ E-mail warnings
_____ Computer professionals
_____ Technical communication professionals
_____ Own knowledge and experience
_____ Other, specify: _______________________________________________

4). Rate your level of concern with online security and privacy:

_____ I'm very worried about security/privacy
_____ I'm fairly concerned about security/privacy.
_____ I'm somewhat concerned about security/privacy
_____ I'm not worried about my security/privacy at all

5). Do you think it is possible to get a computer virus from reading an
_____ YES _____ NO _____ Not Sure

6). Do you think it is possible to get a computer virus from browsing
_____ YES _____ NO _____ Not Sure

7). How "anonymous" do you feel you are while using the Internet (such as
browsing the web)?
_____ Completely anonymous
_____ Mostly anonymous
_____ Somewhat anonymous
_____ Not anonymous at all

8). What is your opinion of Internet "Cookies"?

_____ I don't know anything about Cookies / never heard the term
_____ I've heard the term, but don't know enough about them
_____ Cookies do more harm than good
_____ Cookies do more good than harm
_____ Cookies can be good or bad, depending on the application

9). Have you ever bought anything off the Internet?

_____ YES

If YES- were you worried about your personal information (credit card
social security number, address, etc.) being stolen?

_____ yes, very concerned
_____ yes, somewhat concerned
_____ no, not concerned

Will you buy off the Internet again?

_____ yes, most likely
_____ no, not likely
_____ not sure

_____ NO

If NO- why not?
_____ It isn't safe to buy
_____ It's somewhat safe, but I don't trust it completely
_____ Not interested in buying anything from the web
_____ Other. Please specify:

10). Do you or your company have a website?

_____ YES
If YES- how secure do you feel the website is?
_____ Perfectly safe / no danger
_____ Mostly safe
_____ Somewhat safe
_____ Not safe at all
_____ Not sure

_____ NO

** -= THANK YOU! -= **
(please e-mail this completed survey to eric -dot- gerlitz -at- mankato -dot- msus -dot- edu)

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