Re: CBT v Training Redirect

Subject: Re: CBT v Training Redirect
From: ELISSA LYNN BEBEE <elb600z -at- MAIL -dot- ODU -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 10:59:52 -0500


Do you think that people might become more "comfortable" in the future? I
know that computers used to intimidate my mother, but once I helped her
past that intimidation, she loved it and can't live without it.

I think that within the next ten years (my own speculation of course) most
everybody will be "comfortable" with computers, enough to embrace
technology in a way we have never seen.


On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Tracy Boyington wrote:

> > Do you think that it is possible that the majoirty way of thinking (i.e.
> > CBT could never replace stand-up training) is that way because we have
> > never been able to build anything as such until now?
> <opinion> No. </opinion> I am not anti-CBT, but you must realize there
> are inherent limitations. Not the least of which is the fact that some
> people, even those who are computer literate, are uncomfortable with CBT
> (and uncomfortable people don't learn as well as they could) and prefer
> a stand-up trainer. I'm not one of them, but that doesn't mean I can
> deny they exist.
> > It it *impossible* to build a CBT that can replace stand-up training?
> For some topics, perhaps. What *is* impossible is picking the one Holy
> Grail of delivery methods (whether it be stand-up trainer, CBT, or
> something else) that works best for all subjects and all learners.
> Tracy
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