Re: QUESTION: PDF, FrameMaker 5.5, Postscript printer driver

Subject: Re: QUESTION: PDF, FrameMaker 5.5, Postscript printer driver
From: "Ridder, Fred" <F -dot- Ridder -at- DIALOGIC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 09:09:35 -0500

The question I have is what happens when a user goes to print
a PDF that was generated with Adobe's print-to-edge PPD on a
real-world output device (e.g. laser printer) that can't print all the
way to the edge? Is the page image automatically scaled down
slightly to fit the printable area? Or does the image get cut off?

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> Subject: QUESTION: PDF, FrameMaker 5.5, Postscript printer driver
> Ellen -
> The following message was posted to the framers list on 13 March.
> Note the second paragraph; it says that the official, recommended
> (by Adobe) PostScript driver for NT will be available from their
> Web site "very soon".
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> From: Dov Isaacs <isaacs -at- adobe -dot- com>
> Subject: Re: bleeds on pdf's
> The issue is NOT one of driver, but rather of the PPD file associated
> with the printer instance. The PPD (PostScript Printer Description)
> files contain very device specific information that is necessary for
> the proper PostScript to be generated for device-specific features of
> individual Adobe PostScript printers. You should not use the wrong
> device-specific PPD to generate PostScript for another device -- you
> risk causing very device dependent features to be invoked causing the
> job to either abort or run with less than optimal features and/or
> efficiency.
> The PPD file that comes with Adobe Acrobat (ADISTILL.PPD) in the Xtras
> directory is actually setup to allow full edge-to-edge printing. It
> should be used to create a printer instance that creates proper Post
> Script for distillation. Note that you should watch Adobe's web site at:
> for availability of AdobePS 5.0 for Windows NT 4. It should be avail-
> able very soon. That driver + the PPD file mentioned above is our
> recommendation for production of the best, optimized PostScript for
> distillation into PDF. And it also will produce edge-to-edge images.
> At 08:56 AM 3/13/98 -0600, Keith_Nelson -at- gs -dot- moore -dot- com wrote:
> >Different printer descriptions and drivers enforce different
> >margins. We had this problem when trying to create a document with
> >(almost) bleeding tabs to be sent by post script to a Docutech. The
> >Apple Laserwriter II NTX driver available for Windows NT forced a
> >3/8" non- printing margin on all sides of the post script image,
> >while the Agfa Proset 9800 imposed no margin at all. My advise is
> >to try various different drivers and see what works.

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