Re: Table Heading Problem

Subject: Re: Table Heading Problem
From: "Bergerson, Carl A" <Carl -dot- Bergerson -at- UNISYS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 07:05:25 -0800


1. Insert a section break that starts on the next page.

2. Insert the sub-heading that you want continued.

3. Insert one or two manual page breaks depending whether you have
different odd and even headers.

4. Insert another section break that starts on the next page. You now
have four new pages and your insertion point is on the last of them.

5. View, Headers and break the "link to previous" in the header.

6. Navigate to the header of the page where you inserted the subheading.

6.a. On File, Page setup select Different First and Apply To this
section only.

7. Break the "link to previous" in the header.

8. Go to the header of the next page.

9. Break the "link to previous" in the header.

10. Add a new paragraph at the bottom of the header with enough leading
(space before) to make it align with the subheading on the previous

11. In the new paragraph insert a style reference field citing the style
of the subject subheading and add the word continued. For example, {
styleref "Heading 3" } (continued), where { and } are the filed code

12. If you are using different odd and even headers, repeat steps 8
through 11 for the next page.

13. Remove the two manual page breaks, but be sure to leave the section

Oops, I forgot something... adding steps, 6.a.

There may be some additional adjustments necessary.

Hope this helps.

Carl Bergerson
Mission Viejo
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carl -dot- bergerson -at- unisys -dot- com

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> Subject: Table Heading Problem
> Importance: High
> I am working on a document with several pages of text under each
> heading. I would
> like to be able to generate a TOC from the headings, but the style
> requires that
> each heading that continues over to another page repeat that heading
> and add "continued."
> To partly solve this problem, I can put the text (which is mostly
> lists) into tables
> and let the headings be the table headings and repeat automatically;
> however, I can't
> think of a way to add "continued" to all but the first table heading.
> Is this getting
> confusing?
> Another problem: is there anyway to have sub-headings repeat? (When a
> number two
> level heading continues to a next page, I have to repeat it with
> "coninued" also)
> Should I just forget tables and a generated TOC and use page breaks
> and just build
> my TOC myself? Can anyone think of a better way to do this? I'm
> using Word 6 today,
> but may have something a little more up-to-date by the end of the week
> so suggestions
> in any version are welcome.
> --Susan Vineyard
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