Re: Word 6.0 and help text problems

Subject: Re: Word 6.0 and help text problems
From: Rowena Hart <rhart -at- INTRINSYC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 08:37:15 -0800


>Maybe you caught me on a bad day,

Yes, but we all have bad days. No problem. My appologies if I appeared to
be a desperate, ill-educated and procrastinating newbie tech writer. Such
is not the case.

Word 6.0 is an adequate, and as one respondent mentioned, robust tool for
creating help. However, I have been monitoring WinHelp and RoboHelp
listserves and talking to other techwriters about on-line help creation
tools, and they tend to scoff at Word 6.0 as a tool. Perhaps I absorbed
some of their disdain.

I didn't post specific questions, simply because I didn't want to waste the
time of the whole list. That is the general idea, from my 5+ years of
on-line and tech writing experience, if you are asking for assistance on a
listserve. Let me know if I'm wrong about that one.

You are quite correct to suggest that people with no knowledge of a product
or process seek training "off-list". I felt that my questions were on the
borderline between no experience and lots of experience. The answers I
received were just what I needed to get back on track with my project, which
is due in a reasonable amount of time, not tomorrow.

One thing to remember, Iain, is that personality sometimes doesn't come
across well in email, and a sender's message is easily misinterpreted. I
was trying for a jocular, joking tone and it obviously didn't work this
time. However, I'd like to suggest that before you hit "send" on another
highly critical message -- that will be delivered to the entire list -- you
should think about that. Just say no to flame-mail.

Cheers, and thanks to clperry, Pam, Bill and Dick for their help.

- Rowena ;>)

Rowena Hart
Technical Writer
Intrinsyc Software, Inc.

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