Re: CBT vs. Stand up

Subject: Re: CBT vs. Stand up
From: Jason Willebeek-LeMair <jlemair -at- ITEXCHSRV2 -dot- PHX -dot- MCD -dot- MOT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 13:31:56 -0700


Gosh. I guess you never met my wife. She remembers everything she
hears, which makes it nearly impossible to win an argument. 8-)

More to the point, what do you consider CBT. When I think of it, I
think of a (perhaps multimedia) application, developed in something like
Authorware, that can instruct and, in a limited manner, provide

If that is the case, why bother with CBT? Why not just train directly
on the application?

For example, I went to a Visual Basic class. It was a combination of
lecture (this is a method, here is what you can do with it, etc.) and
hands-on programming. The instructor was invaluable because I tend to
ask a LOT of questions (what if. . ., what about. . ., can you. . .).

I tried a CBT version of Visual Basic training, which was okay, but it
could not anticipate all of my questions, which I found to be very
frustrating and limiting.

If you consider CBT to be hands on training (like my VB class), then of
course I agree -- that way is best. But if I recall correctly (and I am
not my wife, so my recollection may not be accurate), the original post
had to do with eliminating the instructor in favor of CBT, which I think
is a BAD THING (at least for the level of detail I usually demand).

I must say, though, that I have never been to a class on computer
software that was not hands-on.


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> Who on this list disagrees with the following saying?
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