Re: CBT vs. Stand up (long, but different)

Subject: Re: CBT vs. Stand up (long, but different)
From: Kimberly Lyle-Wilson <klylewilson -at- HOTMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 18:25:32 PST

Scott wrote:
>What? Our schools are terrible. RE: The resent report that says that
>united states is the WORST in mathematics amoung some 27 or so tested
>Our schools are under the impression that if someone does what he/she
>is told to do that they have learned something.

I agree with you. But how good our schools are was not my point. My
point was that teaching in the learning style that suits the student
best will allow the student to learn faster, more easily, and with less
frustration, and he'll walk away with a stronger understanding in the

>I think I am paraphrasing your argument here:
>"There are some people who learn better sitting on their ass and
>someone else".
>No Way. The different types of learners argument has always been a
>copout when it comes to learning things like mathematics. They say:

>"if we can only minimize the amount that a student has to think but
>still have them perform a set of particular tasks then we have been
>Learning should involve much more than the ability to perform tasks.
>They should be also able to create tasks to perform.

Unless you're in a training class specifically *to learn how to do
tasks*. I don't expect to go to a class to learn how to change a tire
and come out with an understanding of the abstract concepts of physics
and mechanics. I expect to learn how to do the task of changing a tire.

I understood the original question had to do with instructor-led
training being replaced by CBT. "Training" means more task-oriented
work, to me, rather than academic, abstract thinking. What's wrong with
how they teach in our schools is another topic altogether.

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