Re: Personnel and Quality of Printed M

Subject: Re: Personnel and Quality of Printed M
From: "Phelan, Mike" <Mike -dot- Phelan -at- MEDAPHIS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:03:31 -0500

I know an account mgr who had a similar problem where she works. Some
people quit because management would not deal with the problem employee.
The acct mgr and a few other employees finally chewed out the company
president. The problem employee was put in her place, and eventually quit
for "health reasons."

Unfortunately, many companies ignore problem employees; maybe they fear
law suits, or management is incompetent. In an atmosphere that tolerates
bullying, the only way to deal with it is to bully back, like the
co-workers of the acct mgr did to the president. Sometimes forceful
personalities informally fill the vacuum created by a lack of leadership.
This person sounds like other employees recognize she holds an informal
position of authority, which could mean you'd have to fight the informal
employee culture as well as her. If you don't have a forceful personality
or are unwilling to take on this fight, I'd say find another job.

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