Re: Old versions of software

Subject: Re: Old versions of software
From: Mike Stockman <stockman -at- JAGUNET -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 17:18:25 -0500

Of course, the license agreement included with the originals and upgrades
may cover this situation, in which case these blanket rules don't apply.

One ambiguous situation is becoming more common these days. Some
companies don't sell upgrades, and simply offer a mail-in rebate off full
product for owners of previous versions. In this case, unless the license
agreement specified otherwise, I would feel free to dispose of the
previous version as I saw fit.

Nothing's less clear in the software industry than software license
agreements, so when in doubt, call the software publisher.


On 3/24/98 5:00 PM, Roger Mallett (roger -at- CSICAL -dot- COM) wrote:

>Just like any other software, when you upgrade, you are upgrading you
>license rights to the new version. You may keep your old versions but
>all of the versions are covered by a single license. That means, you
>can only run one of the versions at a time.
>The only legal way to give the software away, and have all copies legal,
>is to get permission from the software publisher. Simply giving it
>away, while you use your copy, and they use the one received from you
>(both under the same license) can cause you to meet new friends: like
>lawyers, judges, etc.

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