Old versions of software

Subject: Old versions of software
From: Alexander Von_obert <avobert -at- TWH -dot- NBG -dot- DE>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:19:00 +0100

Hello Sharon,

* Antwort auf eine Nachricht von sharon -at- DRA -dot- COM an All am 24.03.98

ss> We are upgrading to RoboHelp Office 5.5 and have 3.0, 4.0, 95,
ss> and 5.0 just taking up space on our shelves.
ss> What does everyone else do with their old versions? Do you
ss> sell them?

this depends on legal clauses:

- When you bought an update yo might have agreed to destroy the old version.
That means that you have a single license to use the new version and
no license of the old one any more.

- A completely other thing is the paper documentation: International
copyright agreements say that printed matter sold by the creator
is the sole property of the buyer. He may do as he (or she) wishes:
read it, throw it away, lend it, sell it - you name it.
But the holder must not copy it beyond certain limits.

The problem is how far your country has ratified the Berne Convention.

BTW: Old software might still be quite useful. E.g., I still user Pagemaker
4.0 to layout the newsletter of my local tekom chapter. It was a very
demanding program in 1993 but these days it is faster than standard programs
like Winword. The most annoying feature are the Windows 3.0 clipboard
shortcuts. I simply refuse to remember what I used before CTRL-C and CTRL-V

Greetings from Germany,

Alexander von Obert, Urbanstr. 2, 90480 Nuernberg, Germany
Free-lance technical writer (electronics, software)
Voice +49-911-403903, Fax -403904, BBS -403905 (FIDO 2:2490/1719)

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