Sacred Cows

Subject: Sacred Cows
From: RANDY C SMART <rsmart -at- THEGRID -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 11:39:45 -0000

I have read (hopefully) all the points brought up so far. You all have
missed what I would consider the main point of this argument.

Don't you think it is a common personality trait for an engineer's to only
want to figit with and fuss with the widgits? Do you think they care about
bringing the masses along with them as they forge into new territory?

My perspective is born out of working with civil, electrical, mechanical,
computer, and nuclear engineers for many years. It is based on the traits
I have found to be common amoung them. There are certainly those that can
write very well indeed. But they still would RATHER "play" with the thing
until they understand it completely and then move onto the next thing. If
they have to write aobut it, it is never because THEY want to.

Just my humble opinion. I'll concede that maybe the engineers you work
with are different.

rsmart -at- thegrid -dot- net

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