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Subject: Re: Virtual Department
From: Roger Mallett <roger -at- CSICAL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 10:35:52 -0800

Just make sure they pay you with a virtual check.

Roger Mallett
Control Systems
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>From: KevinX Feeman[SMTP:KevinX_Feeman -at- CCM -dot- CH -dot- INTEL -dot- COM]
>Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 1998 11:02 AM
>Subject: Virtual Department
>Hey all! Due to cost reductions here at Intel, the technical
>publications department is being disbanded. It was previously all
>contract employees in the department except for one perm employee,
>is being asked to find employment elsewhere in or out of the company.
>All contracts are not being renewed and I will be the last. The
>engineers and programmers will, after my contract is up, be responsible
>for their own documentation. Yea, right! Like that is going to be a
>good idea!
>Anyway, one of my duties before my contract is up is to create a
>department, using a web page design. Good thing for my resume.
>However, I have little knowledge of this department (I started 6 weeks
>ago) and have never created a web page of this type. What type of
>information, features, etc. would go on this web page? My initial
>thoughts include:
>u On-line spreadsheet containing list of documents, per product.
> including instructions on how to update spreadsheet.
>u Templates (including instructions on how to correctly use these
> templates)
>u Style guide containing how and where styles are used, style
> definitions, sections on table creation, etc.
>u Guide on how to start a new document using templates on web page
>u Guide on how to convert document to pdf format
>u On-line list of acronyms commonly used
>u Procedure for submitting documents for incorporation to web page
>u Common editing syntax
>Any other ideas or suggestions? Has anyone ever done this before? Any
>input, advice, or mentorship would be appreciated.
>Kevin Feeman
>47 days to Anaheim!!!!

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