Re: Disaster recovery plan

Subject: Re: Disaster recovery plan
From: "Hillary M. Russak" <hrussak -at- SLAC -dot- STANFORD -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 16:52:28 -0700

I've written several emergency/contingency plans/procedures.

Much depends on how large your company is and what hazards or helpers you
have on-site. Do you have a corporate medical/occupational health
department? An on-site fire department or fire marshall? Are any of your
employees formally trained in CPR/1st Aid, or fire management? (Know your
assets!) What assistance can your on-site security staff offer? In your
business, do you use hazardous materials or generate hazardous waste? What
if there's a spill (in an earthquake or flood)? Do people work in confined
spaces (from which you might need to rescue them)? If people can't get
home (a bridge is out... roads are closed...), do you have a plan for
letting them stay at work or buddying-them-up with folks who can go home?
If there's a natural disaster, is there a centralized telephone number your
employees can call to see if the plant is closed? Where are your first aid
kits kept? What natural disasters are regular occurrences in your area?
(I'm from the SF Bay Area, can you guess mine?)

There are a million such questions to answer in your documentation. If you
want to pick my brain relative to your specific situation, please write to
me privately. I'd be happy to lend my experience. I'll bet there are some
very fine web-sites

At 03:39 PM 4/7/98 -0400, Mary Kunzweiler wrote:
>I need to document a corporate-wide disaster recovery plan.
>Does anybody know the types of info covered in such a plan? I know I need to
>cover topics like "Tornado wipes out manufacturing plants, here's our plan",
>"Bubonic plague keeps 3/4 work force at home, here's our plan" and "UPS
goes on
>strike, here's our plan." Do I lump disasters under major categories, such as
>"Natural disaster recovery" "Personnel disaster recovery" "Vendor disaster
>recovery" etc.? What categories am I missing?
>Does anybody have templates or example plans they'd be willing to share (in
>Do URLs to web sites that discuss disaster recovery plans exist? If so, what
>are these URLs?
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