Re: a UI question

Subject: Re: a UI question
From: Jeroen Hendrix <jhe -at- MEDIASYS -dot- NL>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 10:26:06 +0100

Sonja Draeger wrote:
> It seems I have three choices:
> 1 Userid
> 2 User ID
> 3 User Id
Definitly # 2. The best argument is a semantic one, see Webster:

id (id) n. Psychoanal
1. the part of the psyche that is the source
of unconscious and instinctive impulses
that seek satisfaction in accordance
with the pleasure principle.Compare EGO
(DEF. 2), superego .
[1924; < L id it, as a trans. of G Es lit., it]

ID [1] (ie'dee') n. pl. <ID's, IDs>
1. a means of identification, as a document
containing information regarding the
bearer's identity.

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