Re: Copyright Infringement and Frames [OFF, possibly]

Subject: Re: Copyright Infringement and Frames [OFF, possibly]
From: Dianne Walsh <Dianne -dot- Walsh -at- MEDECISION -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 13:21:26 -0400

well, you certainly have to give the "Mining company credit for being
up-front about what they're doing, but it is pretty nervy of them. It
is possibly copyright infringement, but I'd check with a lawyer first
if you're considering taking action. Ultimately, their plan will and
must fail. Even the rankest newbie won't enter the Web through their
site every time and it will only take one entry through other means
for folks to learn the Mining Company doesn't "own" the Web.

In fact, I predict that once folks figure out what MC is doing, they
won't make return visits. I've seen a few sites like that and once I
find one, I make a point not to visit again.

Dianne Walsh
Documentation Manager
MEDecision Inc.

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Subject: Copyright Infringement and Frames [OFF, possibly]
Author: "Sokohl; Joe" <Joe -dot- Sokohl -at- USMAIL -dot- MPCT -dot- COM> at Internet
Date: 4/9/98 11:40 AM

Recently I found my Web site hijacked by a group called the Mining
Company. Within this group's Website is a page devoted to technical
writing. Cool idea, eh? Maybe, except they have links that are embedded
within their frameset. That is, when you click a link to an external
page, the external page loads subordinate to the frameset.

I'd written Gary Conroy, the head of the technical writing guide and
asked him simply to add "TARGET='_TOP'" to the HREF tag jumping to my
page. Instead, he responded that "a corporate/editorial decision has
made" to hijack other people's pages. Indeed, he admitted that "...the
aim is to give the newbie the impression that the whole Internet is
encompassed, in some way, by the Mining Company." Somewhat arrogant on
their (not Gary's) part, eh?

Does this bother anyone else? I'm reminded of the recent lawsuit that
several major news organizations filed against a firm called TotalNews
(,4,11272,00.html). TotalNews had a
Website whose frame structure implied that it was the owner/author of
pages actually copyrighted and hosted by the Washington Post, Time,
Reuters, and others.

I don't mind other people linking to my site--but I do object to my
intellectual property being coopted like this. It's as if I created a
documentation site and placed an in-frame reference to Adobe's
docuemntation, making it look like it were my company's doc. It's akin
to replacing the Word user manual's cover with a proprietary cover....

joe -dot- sokohl -at- mpct -dot- solutions
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PS: This e-mail reflects my thoughts & opinions only, not mpct

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