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Subject: Re: text conventions
From: "Wilcox, John (WWC, Contractor)" <wilcoxj -at- WDNI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 16:41:18 -0700

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> From: Helen Cygnarowicz[SMTP:helenc -at- CYLINK -dot- COM]
> can i please have your reactions to this statement:
> centimeters is not an accepted international unit of measure. it
> should
> be either meters or millimeters.
Other than the obvious lack of the initial cap on both sentences,
several improvements could be made. 1) The subject and verb don't agree
in number in either sentence. 2) The verb in the second sentence
shouldn't be conditional -- you're defining a standard, after all. 3)
Avoid passive voice wherever reasonable. Rewrite:

The centimeter is not an accepted international unit of measure.
Use either meters or millimeters.
> ---------------------
> can i also have your thoughts on this:
> it is not necessary to list a dimension to five significant digits,
> e.g., 210.98 mm wide. this number should be rounded up to 211 mm.
> it was my impression that in a Specification list, the exact
> dimensions
> should be used, but in a text reference, rounding up is ok. am i off
> the
> mark here?
Round off all measurements to the nearest whole number.

> thanx in advance for any comments
I don't think I understand what you're asking.


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