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Subject: Re: text conventions
From: Tom Johnson <johnsont -at- FREEWAY -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 09:00:19 -0400


Yes, I believe the statement is correct. Centimeters is not a preferred
unit of measure.

The number of significant digits depends on the context. You wouldn't
use an 11.000 mm wrench, but a part in a precision piece of equipment
might be described as 11.000 (+/- .002) mm long.

I think in most cases, three or four significant digits is adequate. A
college physics or chemistry book can probably give you a good
explanation of how many digits to use.

Helen Cygnarowicz wrote:
> can i please have your reactions to this statement:
> centimeters is not an accepted international unit of measure. it should
> be either meters or millimeters.
> ---------------------
> can i also have your thoughts on this:
> it is not necessary to list a dimension to five significant digits,
> e.g., 210.98 mm wide. this number should be rounded up to 211 mm.
> it was my impression that in a Specification list, the exact dimensions
> should be used, but in a text reference, rounding up is ok. am i off the
> mark here?
> thanx in advance for any comments

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