re Corporate Constipation

Subject: re Corporate Constipation
From: "Mark L. Levinson" <mark -at- MEMCO -dot- CO -dot- IL>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 13:36:48 +0300

Don't forget, while to you it may seem as if the company decided
long ago to hire you and has been delaying for no good reason,
the company may actually have been attempting unsuccessfully
in the meantime to hire other people whom it likes better.

And while on the one hand it's true that some companies wait too
long before starting the recruitment process for an obviously
vital position, there's also the sin of the converse: a
company will start the recruiting process before it's sure that
it actually intends to hire anyone at all. (I've been burned
in that way more than once, as the deluded man who wasted time
screening candidates. Not at my present place of work.)

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