Re: Archive Formats

Subject: Re: Archive Formats
From: Mary McWilliams Johnson <mary -at- SUPERCONNECT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 14:31:53 -0500

I believe Dreamweaver can handle codes like Javascript. I know it has the
capability of helping you create Javascript code. I just bought it so can't
swear to it. But what I'm told is that it retains ALL your code, just as you
wrote it. It doesn't throw in any proprietary codes like Pagemill and
Dreamweaver. I'll make a note to get back to you as soon as I've tried it out.

Cordially, Mary


At 10:37 AM 4/13/98 -0400, Burke, Diane wrote:
>Hi Hope,
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>> From: Hope Cascio[SMTP:hope -dot- d -dot- cascio -at- US -dot- ARTHURANDERSEN -dot- COM]
>> Sent: 09 April, 1998 11:38 AM
>> Subject: Archive Formats
> <snip>
>> On a side note, out of a purely personal interest, what tools you're using
>> to create documentation in HTML that incorporates JavaScript and CSSs.
>> What do you think of them?
> That's one of my problems. I am not aware of a product or process
>that will allow this. I can convert to HTML from my MS Word source, but what
>do I do about the JavaScript and other "intensive" codes that I want to have
>in my HTML document? Currently, I don't see any way around the good, old
>"cut and paste" routine. Convert MS Word to HTML and then cut and paste into
>an HTML template which contains the Javascript code that I want. And as soon
>as you do that, you are in reality maintaining two separate sources. We were
>hoping to preserve the MS Word document as our source as we still have the
>need to produce WinHelp and printed manuals.
> Diane
>> Diane Burke <Diane -dot- Burke -at- COGNOS -dot- COM> wrote:
>> I am running into a challenge with our documentation concerning archiving
>> or
>> single-sourcing. Indeed, are these two processes even synonymous?
>> Up until recently, our documentation was archived/single-sourced in MS
>> Word.
>> From this, we were able to create two outputs, WinHelp and printed
>> documentation, with minimal fuss. We have now added another output to the
>> mix - HTML/web-based documents that incorporate Javascript and CSSs.
>> Is anyone else putting a process into place that allows authoring and
>> maintaining HTML documentation and that also permits conversion to a
>> printable medium for publishing as a manual?
>> What archive/single-source processes are others using?
>Diane Burke
>DataMerchant Publications
>Cognos Inc. (613) 738-1338, ext. 3531
>E-mail: diane -dot- burke -at- cognos -dot- com

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