Fw: Re: "Urgent" Hiring Practices & lack of candidates

Subject: Fw: Re: "Urgent" Hiring Practices & lack of candidates
From: "Megan E. McMacken" <megan -dot- mcmacken -at- FANUCROBOTICS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:38:32 -0400

The key is "qualified" or "experienced" candidates. If I were looking for a
job right now, I would be a bit discouraged because so many of the job
postings that I run across (not just on this listserv) rattle off ten or
fifteen qualifications, some so specific that I doubt there are more than
five people in all of North America who meet the requirements.

I wonder if a lot of hard-working, intelligent, and talented candidates fail
to submit their resumes because they feel that they don't meet enough of the
qualifications or job requirements to make it worth their time to apply for
the job. Position after position requires a degree in some form of
engineering, knowledge of some specialized technical writing track, and
seven to ten years of experience.

Perhaps more candidates would seriously consider job openings if the job
descriptions and qualifications were more upbeat and the companies seemed
more willing to consider candidates who _don't_ meet all of the
requirements. I understand the pressure to get good documentation out the
door as quickly as possible, so it makes sense to hire experienced and
knowledgeable people who can get up to speed within just a few weeks. But
if a company is struggling along short-handed, trying to find a thoroughly
qualified candidate, might it not save time and money in the longrun to hire
someone that needs a bit of training rather than wait indefinitely for a
more qualified applicant to happen along?

Just my $.02.

Megan E. McMacken
FANUC Robotics North America, Inc.
Phone: (248) 377-7948
Email: megan -dot- mcmacken -at- fanucrobotics -dot- com

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