Need a case studies-

Subject: Need a case studies-
From: Diane Reichert <Diane -dot- Reichert -at- DIGITAL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 15:40:17 -0400

I find this task before me.
My Technical Writing position for engineering has branched out slightly
to the include a little marketing/training info. (Don't ask). This has
turned it a document that "grow'd" like Topsy.

In your old trunks and files does anyone have case studies or scenario
that might cover my needs listed below. I do not need a full blown case

I am trying to describe what might be a typical customer setting for
this hardware software complete package.

This is what I have so far.

ONE - A typical Online Desktop Publishing -
THE solution was designed to meet the needs of large publishing
enterprises such as newspapers, magazines, books, direct mail, and large
corporate in-house marketing departments. It supports leading graphics
applications such as QuarkXPress, Quark QPS, Wright Design, Corel's
Ventura Publisher, and Adobe's PageMaker. It also provides the creator
with easy access to the Internet, corporate intranets/extranets, and
group productivity tools.

TWO - Graphic Arts and Illustration-
This solution extends to meet the needs of graphic artists and
illustrators who work in large organizations including newspaper,
magazine, or book publishers, direct mail producers, and large corporate
in-house brand marketing departments. Professional computer artists and
people with overlapping requirements to support the web applications
will welcome their familiar applications: CorelDRAW8, CorelDRAW7,
MetaCreations' Painter 5, Adobe's Photoshop/ Illustrator and
Macromedia's Freehand.
THREE - Gaming and Animation-
The Animation and Gaming experts are a technically-savvy,
computer-literate individuals whose work focuses on a single (or a few)
primary applications. As early adopters of new technologies, these
experts are constantly increasing their requirement for high performance
systems. Because of the complexity and graphic nature of their
applications, they require high-performance networks.

FOUR - Video Editing-
For the large media conglomerates, motion picture studios, special
effects studios, television stations, and media production houses, the
solution offers the "power elite" creative types sheer performance which
outweighs their allegiance to any one brand. Corporate decision makers
respond to the Creation Studio's superior price performance and the
benefits it delivers to their overall production workflow.

Diane E. Reichert
Digital Equipment Corporation
email: diane -dot- reichert -at- digital -dot- com
voice: 978.493.1331

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