Re: Do technical writers deserve sunlight?

Subject: Re: Do technical writers deserve sunlight?
From: "Robert E. Garland" <robert -at- JTAN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 22:10:51 -0400

Someone wrote:

> Working in a windowless environment is gross and inhumane, IMHO. Why should
> humans have to toil in dull, gray, unpleasant surroundings? I hate it. I
> feel like a different person when I am near some natural light.
> When is corporate America going to start treating its workers like people
> and not androids?
> - tgr

I once had the good fortune to work for an enlightened (no pun intended)
company. Although I worked in an "inside" office, I had a large window
to the hallway, a large window from the hallway to the "outside" office,
and the ability to see outside. I had indirect sunlight, and could see
what the weather was. Only two offices and the lunch room did not have
outside light available, and that was because the lower floor was below
a berm on one side of the building. The company was in rental space, so
our having outside light was quite an accomplishment.

This company also budgeted carefully and set rates to avoid the
layoff/rehire cycle when going through the down time between contracts.
Anyone not on charge (even the CEO often worked on direct charge) was
free to just sit and read, learn to use new tools, or whatever. No hassles.

The object was to be available if someone on charge needed assistance.

Eventually a severe dip in business led to layoffs. Most folks waited
to be shoveled out the door because this was such a good place to work.
Some folks took substantial pay cuts in order to stay on until the
business cycle turned upward again.

Because the owners were loyal to the employees, the employees joyfully
returned the favor. I'm hoping that they call me tomorrow :^)

Robert Garland Amateur Radio Station NX3S
Hilltown Township Bucks County Grid FN20ii
Pennsylvania USA robert -at- jtan -dot- com

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