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Subject: (Fwd) Re: What Defines "Entry-Level"?/ G'house
From: "L. H. Garlinghouse" <garlinghou -at- WATERLOOINDUSTRIES -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:56:25 -0600

I didn't expect this "entry level" thing to become so interesting.
Just for the sake of adding a slightly different persepective, I am
adding my response to Jeff that was originally done off-list.

As far as tech writing goes, I am something of a bottom feeder. TW
has been something of an expansion within other job descriptions.
My experience (35+ years in manufacturing) has been most people
don't know what an employee really does, or is supposed to do.

My counsel is pretend you are the greatest tech writer in the world,
and see how far you can get. Obviously pretending to be a software
documenter when you are not would be silly. But your education,
experience and training, IMHO, does make you a "tech writer."

Before joining the list I was not aware of how large the tent was
that covers tech. communicators, nor how large the ring is where the
tech writers perform. I would have no reluctance to state that you
have X years tech writing experience if in fact you can support this.
It is up to the interviewer to decide how much of this s/he wants to
apply to the situation at hand. I got one job once by telling what I
had learned in my current job; readily admitting that the experience
per se did not apply to the job I was after, but that it did show an
ability to master new technical skills rapidly. Don't be bashful.
Its easier to get a job if you have a job. And don't be afraid to
quit a horrible job.

There is always going to be a faster gun in the West. There is
always going to be someone with a tricker Porsche than yours. Don't
worry about that right now. Worrying about such creates a "paralysis
by analysis" scenario and you starve. Take into account that things
are changing so rapidly, that just about anything in your past is
going to be obsolete - except the ability to be agile, to absorb new
info and communicate same by whatever means is "hip" at the moment.

As to bottom feeding: Don't forget that all evolution started in
the slime at the bottom of the swamp.

Well, enuff rambling. Go for it. See how far you can ride with the
ticket you already have punched.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.

<< All opinions, statements, &c are my own>>
L.H. Garlinghouse, C.Q.E.
Pocahontas AR U.S.A.
(870) 892-4586 ext 7659
garlinghou -at- waterlooindustries -dot- com

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