data sheet vs datasheet

Subject: data sheet vs datasheet
From: joe <joe -at- MANAGE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 10:40:21 -0700

My question and some of the replies. Thanks to all.

Q: I find both data sheet and datasheet on the web and in the archives
and neither in Websters or
the Chic. Manual of Style. Is there an authority? Is the MS manual of
style online (or on line)?

A: These are word constructions in transition. For example, "data base"

was originally (and still correctly) two words. Usage compounded them
into "data-base" and now it is acceptable to use the single word,
"database." This discussion is from a recent "Writer's Art" column
syndicated by James Kirkpatrick.

IMHO it is "datasheet" and "online". Why wait for the transition phase?

John Gilger

A: Because the Web has no set writing standards or style guides, you
will find
everything out there.
"Read Me First" uses *datasheet* as a modifier or noun.
The Computer Desktop Encyclopedia uses *data sheet* and defined it as a

Franklin Quest states:
write compounds as two words when the compounds appear with the words in

their customary order and the meaning is clear
write compounds as two words when used as verbs
write compounds as a single word when the firs word of the compound
receives the major stress in pronounciation
hyphenate compounds that modify or describe other words
(however, there is a major trend to not use hyphens - therefore, use as

I think I would use it as one word. Using two words could be more
confusing depending on the usage, then you would be
tempted to hyphenate the word. It depends largely on who your audience
how the word is used, and how your company
would like to write it. Decide on which is your company preference and
it into your style guide.

Debbie Stewart

A: Around here, we use "data sheet" on the front covers of all of our

As for an "authority", haven't heard of one. Doesn't mean one doesn't

Might try looking at and see if there's a list of
standard verbage there. =)

George Mena

A: My .02, not from any source, is data sheet is easier to understand on
glance, and I've never seen on line, just online.

Hope Cascio

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