Re: ADMIN: Use of List

Subject: Re: ADMIN: Use of List
From: Roger Peterson <wy491 -at- VICTORIA -dot- TC -dot- CA>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:26:23 -0700

OK, gang...

I've got to put my 0.02 cents in on this one!

Mine might just be a contrarian viewpoint, but I just don't see where this
Ron Brown fellow has committed any real crime ( other than maybe poor
survey construction ). Yes, I received the survey, and yes I responded.
Took all of about 20 seconds of my VERY valuable time. *-)

Now, if he had subverted the list in some way, that would be a
different matter altogether. In other words, if he had found a way to
post when that privilege had been revoked by the list owner, then that
would indeed be cause for concern. The way I see it, this fellow took the
time and trouble to send the survey to each and every one of us. Where's
the crime? If this action on the student's part was distasteful, then it
would be something to be taken up between each list member and the student
posting the survey.

I think that we all need to take the time to step away from the computers
for just a minute or two and get in touch with the reality of this thing.

OK, soapbox mode is now OFF. I go back to lurk mode.


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