Re: secretary's day

Subject: Re: secretary's day
From: "Margaret A. Smith" <msmith -at- AROS -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:34:39 -0600

Whether the sender's motivation was malicious in nature or innocent out of
ignorance, you can't help but sound defensive if you respond in a snit,
even an "educational" snit. Rather, use your sense of humor and
finely-honed skills of creativity, diplomacy, and patience and choose your
time to make your statement. Possible options:

1. Add your own name to the bottom of the card and forward it on to someone
who is a secretary.

2. Whisper an aside to the original sender: "I've signed that card you put
on my desk and sent it on. I'm glad you remembered to get a card for XX. I
completely forgot." (You can make this statement without actually
forwarding the card to anyone.)

3. Wait for another "Day" and send an utterly inappropriate card to this
person. (That's the snide, biting humor approach. Don't do this unless you
want a prankster war to begin.)

The secretary's role is an important one, not to be maligned. You do need
to trod carefully here. I think a non-response at the moment (removing the
card and any accompanying flowers from your desk and not saying *anything*
) is a way of letting "them" know a) they have the wrong idea, and b) you
are not amused. If the sender asks you where your card or how you liked it,
then you can matter-of-factly educate, if you wish.

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