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From Virginia Link:
Try changing the extensions on all the files to "WPD" and see if Word
recognizes them.

From George Mena: =20
Rather than buying WP 8, you might be able to save quite a few bucks by
buying WP 6 or 7, as both of them run under old Win 3.1 nicely and will
open the files without having to spend a lot of money. Going to one of
those discount software stores in your area is a cheaper way to go and
you'll still be able to get the graphics using screen shots. Using the
Print Screen key on your keyboard, you can copy, paste and save the
graphics you want in *.bmp format using Windows Paintbrush. This makes
them more editable in something like Paint Shop Pro (available in both
shareware and retail versions; shareware version's available on the
'Net). Expect a typical graphic file in Paintbrush to start at 360K. =20

From Richard Feldman:
For one of our current projects, we are converting numerous WordPerfect
5.1 files (and embedded graphics) to Word 97. I have had repeated
success opening them directly into Word. Because they were set up as
master documents with various subdocuments, Word asks what to do when =
encounters a WP subdocument code, even though the WP subdocuments are
all "expanded" into the master document. However, I just click on
"Ignore" (or the equivalent), and the document eventually opens
Now I've done this to some good-sized documents, but possibly not as
large as you're dealing with. So, if you're stuck there, it seems to =
that you should be able to do what you need to using WP 8.0. Before I
figured out how to convert our WP 5.1 docs directly into Word, I did =
opening them in WP 8.0, and, as best I can recall, that worked OK.
Although I cannot give you a tried and tested conversion sequence, I =
no reason why it shouldn't work. The questions that you'll have to
figure out once you get the overlarge files opened in WP 8.0 are 1) do
you want to separate them into smaller files? 2) which format do you
want to save them in between Word 6.0/7.0 (the Word save option that WP
8.0 offers) and WP 5.1 (WP 5.1 could work if you do separate into
smaller files). My gut feeling is that you'll have the best results if
you create smaller files, resave as WP 5.1, and then open into Word.

Also from Richard: "Rx Word Secrets: Converting a WordPerfect

Thanks for all your help!


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