Re: boot problem

Subject: Re: boot problem
From: "Palmer, Phyllis" <PPalmer -at- SPHERECOM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:34:00 -0500

We ran into the clarification of using the term "boot". We do not use
the term "boot or reboot" for PCs or Servers. We must use the term in
relation to network switches.

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> As you are writing about a "boot process," which is a particular
> application for booting a PC:
> 1. The boot process can reside either on the hard disk or on a
> floppy
> diskette. Therefore, IMO, you would boot FROM the hard disk, or
> the floppy.
> 2. Numerous boot processes for PCs exist, e.g., the MS-DOS boot
> process, the OS/2 boot process, and so on. Therefore, you could
> say,
> "the MS-DOS boot process for Ericka's PC," which (to me) implies
> that
> the boot process is in hand but not yet installed, e.g., "here is
> the
> boot process for Ericka's PC."
> Once the boot process is installed on the PC, it seems to me to
> be
> correct to then refer to it as "the boot process ON Ericka's PC."
> FWIW, the MS Manual of Style recommends avoiding the term "boot"
> in
> end user documentation, using instead "start," "restart" or
> "switch
> on."
> Hope this helps.
> Keith Arnett
> Technical Writer
> Sterling Software, Inc./Operations Management Division
> Reston VA USA
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> Subject: boot problem
> Author: Patricia Bergsma <bergsma -at- locamation -dot- nl> at INTERNET
> Date: 4/24/98 4:45 PM
> Hello,
> I am writing a help topic about the boot process of our operating
> system.
> Looking at examples from other manuals and dictionaries (on-line and
> on
> books) I encountered the following variations:
> to boot FROM a hard disk
> to boot OFF a hard disk
> a boot process ON a PC
> a boot process OF a PC
> What is right or most common?
> Patricia Bergsma
> bergsma -at- locamation -dot- nl
> Documentation engineer
> Locamation B.V.
> Enschede, The Netherlands
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