ISO 9000 (Was: TechWrite Organization Names)

Subject: ISO 9000 (Was: TechWrite Organization Names)
From: R2 Innovations <R2innovations -at- MYNA -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 23:22:54 +0000

Wayne Douglass recently commented

> And if ISO 9000 could guarantee that the documentation is any *good*, then
> we'd really have something!

This statement provides a classic illustration of how misunderstood
ISO 9000 really is!! ISO 9000 does NOT concern itself with
product/service, but concentrates on the processes and procedures by which
products/services are created.

The idea behind an ISO compliant quality system is to ensure that
people do things the same way each and every time they do something
-- consistency coupled with repeatability. Therefore, if your
processes and procedures ensure that you produce bottomless coffee
cups, and you can prove that your employees follow these processes
and procedures each and every time, you could have the only ISO
compliant company making bottomless coffee cups in the world. The
marketplace will determine the profitability of your company!!!

ISO is about ensuring the customer gets exactly the product they
specify. As consumers, we establish the specifications/requirements
for each product or service we buy. If we find a produc/service that
appears to meet these requirements,we purchase it. But how many
times do we get stung? How many times do we end up with a
product/service that doesn't do what the manufacturer says it will do?
(Did I hear any time I buy M-------t software?)

You should have a greater chance of success buying a product/service
from an ISO compliant company because its internal quality system
is managed in such a way as to ensure the product/service meets the
specifications stated.

So, Wayne, if your company has processes/procedures in place that
lead to developing poor documentation, ISO 9000 won't necessarily
help make things better. If, however, the company believes in
continuous improvement, works its corrective and preventive action
process properly, and audits its systems regularly, ISO 9000 will
help correct the problems and the end result should be better
documentation. It's all up to the company!!

Ralph E. Robinson
R2 Innovations
Specialists in ISO 9000 Documentation and source of the
book, 'Documenting ISO 9000: Guidelines for Compliant
Documentation'. Visit our website dealing with ISO 9000
issues at Send
email to r2innovations -at- myna -dot- com -dot-

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