ISO 9000 (Was: TechWrite Organization Names)

Subject: ISO 9000 (Was: TechWrite Organization Names)
From: R2 Innovations <R2innovations -at- MYNA -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 23:22:54 +0000

At 04:08 PM 4/21/98 -0400, Suzette Leeming wrote:
>Since the advent of ISO 9000, there is a much closer relationship
>between these two functions. Quality Standards implementation and
>maintanence very much drives documentation efforts. Companies have
>to literally invest megabucks to document absolutely everything
>before applying ISO certification. Having a process to keep
>documentation current is a major part of ISO 9000. A documentation
>guru's dream!

ISO does _not_ require a company to document absolutely everything
before applying ISO certification! There are 20 elements that make
up the ISO 9001 standard and, true, each of these require the
company to establish and maintain documented procedures to support
how the company is compliant with these requirements. However, many
areas of the company are not looked at by ISO.

ISO's focus is on those processes and procedures that have an impact
on product quality. Therefore, areas such as Finance, Human
Resources (except as they relate to employee training), marketing,
sales (up until a contract for goods/services is received), and health,
safety, and environment are not looked at by ISO registrars.

If a company has carefully documented its processes and procedures in
the 20 areas that ISO audits a company, then little added documentation
effort is required. However, since many North American businesses
have never carefully documented its processes, ISO usually generates
a significant amount of effort in this area.

Ralph E. Robinson
R2 Innovations
Specialists in ISO 9000 Documentation and source of the
book, 'Documenting ISO 9000: Guidelines for Compliant
Documentation'. Visit our website dealing with ISO 9000
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