Re[2]: New slant: professionalism

Subject: Re[2]: New slant: professionalism
From: William E Newkirk <wenewkir -at- MBNOTES -dot- CCA -dot- ROCKWELL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:17:14 -0400

>Today the snobbery continues. To understand something technical marks you
>as a loser.

i dunno if it's snobbery as much as jealousy. Technical stuff has been
where the money has been for the last century or so.

it's always "easy" to the guy that doesn't have to do it.

the "mundanes" want to be wizards without studying the spell book. so
they label those who work in technical stuff a "loser". Wanting to be
seen in public doing something perceived as "cool" also seems to be a
driver for those people.

I guess that's who Madison Avenue sells to.

>instructions would not keep the clocks on their VCR from blinking
>"12:00:00" because they would never be tried.

The early VTRs were a pain in the neck to set, and they had no resistance
to any kind of power disruption. I have a number of digital clocks in the
house, and the VTRs are the crankiest of the lot.

Since most people use VTRs to play prerecorded shows, having a timer isn't
a feature for them.

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