Re: diff. btwn Macromedia Director and Authorware

Subject: Re: diff. btwn Macromedia Director and Authorware
From: Mary McWilliams Johnson <mary -at- SUPERCONNECT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 19:40:51 -0500

I've taken classes in both Authorware and Director, and IMO Director is far
easier to learn and to use. Actually, which one you use is a matter of what
type of piece you need to produce. In some ways, they do the same thing,
create two-dimensional interactive multimedia pieces. But each has its

Authorware is famous for its ability to create interactive computer-based
training (CBT) pieces. But, between us, the scripting necessary to do such
things is not at all easy to learn. The scripting syntax is most precise and
unforgiving. And, as an earlier listee commented, you need to use Director
(or some other tool) to create the fancy animated portions.

Director is wonderful for creating animated pieces, complete with sound. And
it's actually pretty sophisticated when it comes to interativity and can be
used for CBT if you are adept at its scripting language, Lingo. But there
are so many things you can do with Director without knowing much Lingo, that
I heartily recommend it for folks who aren't programmers at heart.

You may be interested to know that anything you create in either Authorware
or Director can be converted into a Shockwave piece and integrated into a
Web page. An example of this is on my WordSmith site:
Just click on the "Syntax Savvy Quiz" button.


Mary McWilliams Johnson
McJohnson Communications
Documentation Specialist
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At 10:09 AM 5/1/98 -0600, LaTorra, Michael wrote:
>Melissa Fisher asked about the
>"...difference between Macromedia's Director and Authorware products."
>I've been using Authorware for a little over a month, so I'm not the
>world's greatest authority on it by any means. But I can tell you what
>the manual says:
>"[Use] Director to create multimedia movies for use in Authorware
>"Authorware is designed to allow the teacher or trainer to create
>intuitive multimedia learning materials. With Authorware you can combine
>graphics, text, sound, and digital movies that you've created with other
>applications in the Authorware Interactive Studio."
>'Hope this helps you out.
>Michael LaTorra
>Technical Writer
>SCGroup Incorporated
>7777 Market Center Avenue
>El Paso, Texas 79912-8412
>Tel: 915-877-3900
>Fax: 915-877-7296

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