Re: cross-referencing details between 2 documents

Subject: Re: cross-referencing details between 2 documents
From: Richard Yanowitz <ryanowit -at- NYCT -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 11:04:37 -0400

At 09:39 AM 5/4/98 +0000, Jody R. Lorig wrote:
>Richard wrote:
>>Client may want to make sure that 2 hasn't left anything out that is
>>in 1. So I'd like to have the client able to look at doc 1 and at
>>every point see a cross-ref to doc 2.
>The easiest method I have used that benefitted both the writer and
>the checker is by the use of a table. In column one, list the topic.
>In column two, list the topic location from document 1. In column
>three, list the location of the topic from document 2.

I have a much finer breakdown than topic headings, even to the extent that
2 points in a single paragraph in the original might now be in separate
places in the new document.

Since I anyway put most text in tables, I've inserted a narrow left-hand
column in the table; this column numbers the row. I've played around with
formatting so this looks attractive.

So crudely, here's an ex.

Old doc, p 133: "doohickey parameter 1 is x"
Old doc, p 239: "doohickey parameter 2 is x1"

Crudely again, the equivalent in the new document, starting with row
number, might become:

22 doohickey x1
23 x

Now my problem is: in the old doc, can I insert automatic cross-references
so that, say, if I move this doohickey information to rows 143-144, the
cross-ref will get updated?

I've toyed with attaching a style to the row numbers such as some unused

But I need to reference the row number indirectly: the cross-ref has to
find _row content_, and the row content must then somehow link to the row

In the above ex., let's say I need the old doc to cross-ref parameter x so
that right now it reads "23" and when moved it will read "144."

I know I can embed a bookmark next to "x," but I don't know how to make
Word cross-reference the current row number where the bookmark is embedded.

I imagine this can be done with a macro, but I depend on recording macros
(with maybe a little intuitive editing), not writing them.

Does anyone know a straightforward method?

Richard Yanowitz, NYC
ryanowitz -at- bigfoot -dot- com

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