An editing on-screen alternative

Subject: An editing on-screen alternative
From: Montview <montview -at- MCI2000 -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 14:37:26 -0600

Does anyone know of a program that would make viewing heavily edited files
easier while still enabling you to better see revisions as well as original
material? I am posting this question for a computer book author/Web site
designer who isn't on the list. But I am interested in any helpful responses
because I have the same gripes he does. I do a lot on-screen editing of
computer-related books and would like an easier way for authors to be
able to see their changes. I think such an alternative could be helpful to
all tech writers/editors who now have to muddle through (with revisions
on) Frame or Word documents that have been heavily edited. The idea
is to use an add-on or such to Frame or Word to produce the desired result.
Here is the original request, which goes into a little more detail.

I am looking for a proofing/markup software that has the ease of use of a
red pencil and yet maintains the original document structure so that you can
see what is being commented on. Both the original and the marks are visible
in a more or less non-disruptive way. Turning revision marking on/off in
Word and Frame doesn't do this. I've tried both of them,
and neither makes it. The original is often completely disrupted by the
changes and the document is frequently unreable with revisions on. The
change bars in Frame are even worse as you can't see what the text was
before the change. ... Neither works on FAXes, images, or PDF documents.

It seems like I saw something that worked like an transparent
overlay over the original document in it's application such as Word or
anything else. You could mark on this like a red pencil using the mouse
and turn it on and off. The overlay was indexed to the document somehow so
that when you scrolled the marks stayed synchronized. I did a search on the
Web but I couldn't find it. Perhaps it was a University research project or

That's it. Any help is appreciated.

Laura Michaels
Montview Publications & Editorial Services
Montview -at- mci2000 -dot- com

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