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Subject: Thread Summaries
From: Debbie Figus <debbief -at- NETVISION -dot- NET -dot- IL>
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 10:11:14 +0300

Hello all,

I'm a long-time lurker, a lone writer who reads through the daily posts
with my morning decaf. Thank you all for all the useful and sometimes
entertaining information.

I have a question/suggestion for the list: When an original post elicits
numerous responses, would the original poster be willing to summarize after
the thread has finished? I'm referring more to the "technical information"
threads (i.e. about i.e. vs. e.g.), not the more philosophical exchange of
ideas and thoughts about the profession (i.e. non-technical technical

I realize that the original poster perhaps never dreamed that his/her
question would encourage so much discussion, but as we see, it does happen
fairly often. So it would be a kind of gift to the community (all 4000+ of
us!) if you'd sum up all the responses you get, maybe even private ones if
they are relevant.

I think the back and forth of the list is priceless, and I much prefer
following the threads post-by-post. But a summary, after it's all been
said, would be nice, wouldn't it?

What do you think?

All the best,

Debbie Figus
Excalibur Systems
Jerusalem, Israel
debbief -at- netvision -dot- net -dot- il

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