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Subject: Re: Lurker wants opinions...
From: Julie Knoeller <jknoelle -at- CISCO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 11:44:25 -0700

Maybe this is a dumb comment, but I guess I never really understood why we
have to say anything at all. Do TACs get calls from customers asking why
there's nothing on a page? It seems like real books have blank pages in
them; why would technical books be any different? And, is the writing so
inconclusive that it seems like something is missing...? Just pondering.
Sorry if I'm confused about the obvious; it just always struck me as
ridiculous to label a page as blank--especially since once it's labeled,
it's no longer blank! How about "text intentionally included" on the
others..? (Who knows? I've seen text so bad that it ought not to have been

At 02:35 PM 5/7/98 -0400, Branchaud, Paul wrote:
>The worst example I ever saw was "This page left intentionally blank to
>avoid inconvenient page breaks later in the manual."
>When I first saw the page, I was struck dumb. It was then explained to
>me that one of the company's more "original" writers had decided to
>justify blank pages in this manner.
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>> Did I miss it, or has no one mentioned the traditional:
>> This page intentionally left blank

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