Re: Sales Engineers

Subject: Re: Sales Engineers
From: Dan Brinegar <vr2link -at- VR2LINK -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 00:01:09 -0700

Sales engineers are usually *engineers* who *sell* things to other
engineers.... they speak the same language as the people who might buy the
products they're selling. Most-often seen in heavy industrial fields.... a
sales engineer can find out what the customer needs, and go back to the
factory and get such a thing made.

In the worst case, you can't tell a marketing puke salesman what you
*really* need out of the Quantum Confabulator he's trying to sell you, and
get a straight answer as to whether-or-not *his* actually does that sort of

What's this got to do with techwriting? I've worked at a place or two where
techwriters write what the customer sees before the sales engineer goes out
to the customer... I've been at a place or two where the engineers were
laughing themselves sick over technical info slapped into a datasheet by a
"writer" who had no clue what the stuff said; and got it spectacularly
wrong (think of the "micro-mu" character dropped in a conversion process
-- a technical writer, knowing the stuff's never gonna be reviewed before
it goes out the door, might think to check whether that IsoCompensator chip
runs off 55 *volts* or 55 *microvolts*) duh-boom!

>Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 15:50:34 -0400
>From: Carole Vanderhoof <carolev -at- BRUDERHOF -dot- COM>
>Subject: engineer
>I know one company that has "Sales Engineers"

Performance S u p p o r t Svcs.
Phoenix, Arizona

"This is not a fat guy in a wheelchair;
it's a new telecommuter saving tons on auto insurance."

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