Re: more #$ -at- %#^&$# secretary stuff...

Subject: Re: more #$ -at- %#^&$# secretary stuff...
From: Barry Campbell <barry -at- WEBVERANDA -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 14:16:14 -0400

At 01:56 PM 5/12/98 -0400, Mark Durlak wrote:


> He asked a few relevant questions (no cannonballs, no grenades)
>and then said, "Are you willing to take meeting minutes and make copies?"
> Does this *happen* to you gentlemen?

Yes, it's happened to me before. More than once, in fact.

Often, a technical writer who is participating in Joint Application Design
meetings (or any other sort of meeting where specifications are being
hammered out) is asked to do this sort of thing. It happened to me with
some frequency when I was a contractor.

I usually dealt with it by explaining that at my hourly billing rate,
I am very expensive clerical help... and that while I am willing to pull
my weight, including taking notes and distributing same for meetings that
I attend, I'm not willing to sit in on meetings I would otherwise have
nothing to do with or be a copier monkey.

Best regards.

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