Re: Tricky Interview Questions

Subject: Re: Tricky Interview Questions
From: Michael Burke <miburke -at- WSICORP -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 14:51:59 -0500

Hymie Rickover is someone I would not want to work for. He sounds as
if he is someone who cannot separate an obvious non-work related
situation from a work-related situation. Does he call out the toxic
waste clean-up crew over a glass of spilled milk?

Michael Burke

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Subject: Tricky Interview Questions
Author: Guy McDonald <guy -at- NWLINK -dot- COM> at INTERNET
Date: 5/12/98 11:49 AM

Chris Welch-Hutchings said:

"He vetoed a TW candidate once because she said her most favorite thing to
do was "go dancing." His theory was that she would probably be out dancing
all night every night and would come dragging in the next morning."
This reminds me of a Hymie Rickover interview story. A prospective nuclear
power plant candidate is invited to dine with the infamous Rickover, where
the interview would commence. The interviewee sits down to eat with
Rickover, then salts his food before tasting it. Rickover banished him to
the conventional fleet because of this simple action. I think that the
reason given was that any person who would not test (sample) something,
before inserting a process, was not good for reactor safety.

Relevance to technical writing? The answer is, it depends on what you
write. Writers for NASA can sit down now... your loud "amen" was heard here
in Seattle.

Guy McDonald
guy -at- nwlink -dot- com

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