Re: more #$ -at- %#^&$# secretary stuff...

Subject: Re: more #$ -at- %#^&$# secretary stuff...
From: Steve Struck <stephens -at- ALR -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 13:55:33 -0800

Mary wrote -

Went to talk to a potential client today. Talked to the Project
Coordinator, the lead past them, apparently, because they
brought in the Project Manager.
He asked a few relevant questions (no cannonballs, no grenades)
and then said, "Are you willing to take meeting minutes and make copies?"
Does this *happen* to you gentlemen?


Hi Mary,

Sure does! I worked for a major utility, here on the west coast, for many years.
I was assigned to a small training facility (45 people) and I was one of the two
people in the building who knew how to type AND how to put together a coherent
sentence, complete with punctuation. I was not only asked to take meeting
minutes and make copies, but I'd also make donut runs, type memos, watch the
phones when the receptionist went to lunch, and do all sorts of "special

My problem was my attitude. I was almost unfailingly cheerful and willing to
help out in most situations, so I got asked frequently. It all paid the same and
I had nothing to prove. Besides, I really enjoy helping people.

Steve Struck
Sr. Tech Writer
Gateway, Irvine

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